The big game.

On Saturday I watched the anticipated LSU vs Alabama game. This game so competitive that it had me at the edge of my seat. These two teams played their hearts out to prove they were the best. Even though it was a nerve wrecking game, there was a lot of emotion on the field, and it was not a championship game. We all have dreams and goals, and when things don’t work out how we planned, whose to blame?

Going back to the football game, there was a lot of emotions on and off the field. However, when it comes down to the last few minutes of the play, it shows the tenacity and perseverance to withstand the game. You have had the crowd cheering you on, and then you focus your attention on what’s going wrong. During the game you lost your momentum and try to keep going, but you worry how to get your head back in the game. So what is next?  The time is dwindling down, and you have to make a play. You tell yourself, “either go big or go home”. Focusing on the next play, you realize this is it, and I have to make this one for the team. Nevertheless, your plan did not make it. Whose to blame?

Looking around you see the other team and their fans celebrating their victory, and you can’t because you feel that you have let yourself and your team down. Replaying the game in your mind makes you think of all that went wrong. It makes you look elsewhere when you focus on the problem of not winning this game. Thankfully, there is another day to get up and work harder on your game and be ready for the next one.