Unfamiliar territory

This is my favorite time of the year as we await to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We have heard countless times the story of Mary and her baby being born in a manger. This story fills your heart as you hear of the many miracles that were performed during that time. It is amazing to learn about the coming of our Savior, for He is the reason we all have so much faith in this miraculous time that we are preparing for. No matter what maybe going on, whether good or bad when you stop and think about all there is to be thankful for, it will bring you to a place of gratitude. Many of us can say we have not been to this unfamiliar place of Bethlehem where Jesus was born. However if we can only imagine this place during that time it will be a sight to see. To me this place would be serene and peaceful. This type of place we don’t get to bask in often. So during this time when faced with a challenge, stop and think about that place that is so unfamiliar such as Bethlehem.  It will bring you back to why we celebrate during this time the miraculous birth that changed so many lives.

Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season.


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