With Christmas and New Years not long away, we feel the pressure to get our to-do list completed. The hustle and bustle of going to the store and picking up last minute items can be a lot to handle. We feel excited with the smell of our Christmas trees and holiday scents. However somethings will never change, but others I beg to differ.

After retrieving the holiday decorations from the storage, I realized some of the decor was still in tact. However after shopping I could not help but to retrieve some new items. Although purchasing these new decorations did not hinder me from using the past items, it only helped to bring a little more sparkle for the holidays.

In light of the holidays there is so much that goes along with this season. Needless it is more than anything that we can purchase from any store. This is a gift that will bring hope, joy, peace and love that we can receive more than anything we could ever imagine. Throughout the year there is so much that takes place that we can get taken out of focus. However the gift that we will all receive is something unforgettable and timeless. During this time we reminisce about the year and holidays past. However, one thing we will not forget is the reason for this season.




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