The waiting game

Do you ever wonder why God’s delay feels so long? You call out to Him now, but no response is given. Lord, I’m trying to do what is right, but maybe I am missing something. What is next? Complete silence.

Waiting on God is a choice. It takes a lot of prayer and strength, because during this time the devil will come after you more than ever to get you to follow him. The waiting period can be difficult when you begin to take your eyes off God and focus on the problem. It may seem like a long time before he answers you, but just hold on. You may experience that things are going great with others around you, but hold on. God’s delay is not His denial.

-LaShondra Glover


(Repost) Sacrifices

I love going to watch a baseball game whether it’s an amateur team or my favorite the Houston Astros. For some, they feel it’s not enough action. Needless to say, it’s just right for me! Although I don’t go often to these games, it’s worth the wait. With so much going on in my daily life sometimes, activities such as these are not high on my priority list. Making the sacrifice to take care of the important things motivates me to reward myself with the leisure. Knowing that I am working hard for the prize that awaits me works all for my good.

Life can throw some curve balls at you, but realize it’s how you position yourself to strike the ball.

Perfectly Imperfect

imperfect-flower    A few years ago I moved back to my hometown, New Orleans, LA. A place I never imagined myself returning to live. Never say Never is what I have been told. Not saying that I don’t love where I am from, however somethings you choose to leave in the past. Moving back home to New Orleans has taught me a lot. I was in the dark for a long time about my life. For years I lived in my own world living in the shadows of what I was expected to be and do.  I had to learn the hard way.

For a long time I tried my best to do everything to my expectations.  My expectations were very high, and if it did not fit in that mold, that was the end of it. What I mean is that I tried my best not to make mistakes. If I did I would beat myself up badly. As a matter of fact, I remember this happening so long that I thought this was normal until it was brought to my attention. I did not think anything of the matter, because I thought something was wrong with the other person. However, after doing some self examining I had come to the realization that this was true. I had lived in my own world for so long that it had apprehended my way of thinking. I am grateful for God reminding of the many opportunities He has blessed me with.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like this was it for me. Carrying around a lot of guilt and shame can damage your spirit, but I had something inside of me that would not let my spirit die. Hopefully you know that you are perfect in God’s eye. He will meet you where you are with all your flaws and love you more and more. We all make our mistakes, but thank God we are blessed with another chance to get it right.

-LaShondra Glover


Doing the opposite

Have you ever had a time where you could not get yourself out of a rut? I know it’s not a good feeling, but I’m thankful for the good days that outweigh the bad.  Getting oneself out of a bad place takes time and effort to say to self, “yes I can.” Lately, when I realize those moments of darkness try to consume I have said to myself, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philipians  4:13 NKJV.  There comes a point when all you can do is turn to God.  There is a song that I love, “Encourage Yourself,” that I am thankful to be reminded of during moments like these. It says, “speak over yourself, encourage yourself in the Lord”.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do when caught off guard, but remember you are not alone. Change the story and do the opposite.

-LaShondra Glover

Who do you love?

heart-583895__180Waking up this morning I knew today was going to be a busy day. For one thing, there was going to be a late afternoon Saints game. During this time my family likes to get together to cheer on our favorite boys. Well for me, I was not feeling like getting out my bed. I wrestled with staying in bed versus going to church for about 45 minutes. My husband came in to wake me up, but still I did not budge. Next, I saw him putting on his clothes and coming in to tell me what time we needed to be leaving. However, I still laid in bed. After wrestling some more, I thought about the rest of my day and all that I had to do. Then I was reminded that today was Communion Sunday, and that really got my attention. Thinking about my Heavenly Father and all that He has done for me on the cross reminded me of His love for me. Given a love like this was all the reason I needed to be reminded of who do I love? He first loved me, and I do it all for Him. That’s my love!