I love going to watch a baseball game whether it’s an amateur team or my favorite the Houston Astros. For some, they feel it’s not enough action. Needless to say, it’s just right for me! Although I don’t go often to these games, it’s worth the wait. With so much going on in my daily life sometimes, activities such as these are not high on my priority list. Making the sacrifice to take care of the important things motivates me to reward myself with the leisure. Knowing that I am working hard for the prize that awaits me works all for my good.

Life can throw some curve balls at you, but realize it’s how you position yourself to strike the ball.


(Repost) Cloudy Days

I love that I get redirected to earlier post. It is great to share my thoughts and hopefully hear back from you.

Lately, this is how the weather has been. I’m thankful for the times the light has come to brighten up the day. Regardless of the weather it’s a privilege to experience the transition from one season to the next. Make it a great week!


-LaShondra Glover



You look outside and see dark clouds with limited light shining through. When there is a shift in the weather some of us tend to make a shift too. What I am talking about is the breeze and gloom that comes with a cloudy day. Seeing this makes some us feel tired, or wanting to go to sleep. We look to see or smell if it will rain. Now wait! I did say smell the rain. Yes, you can smell the rain. It may sound hillarious, but it is true.¬†Unknowingly, we all don’t know what will happen next, but we can only imagine. We may ask the question, is a storm approaching? In past events knowing that the cloudiness gives us warning to a shift in the weather. Either it will remain the same or something else will follow.¬†So next time you experience a “cloudy day” think about what is next? I don’t know about you but I rather have a warning then nothing at all!

(Repost) Never Forget

As we reflect on the anniversary of 9/11, this previous post came to mind.


Watching the Olympic games this week brought a lot of intense emotions. Each day brought on so much-anticipated reaction to a much-needed win. So much has happened in our nation. It is times like these that bring a nation together.

Seeing some of the same athletes from the previous games gave some sign of what was to come. Going for the Gold! These athletes came prepared ready to bring it home for TEAM USA. Whether it was their first time or not, they have had a prerequisite of what to expect before the real deal.

Just like the athletes we have seen displayed on our televisions, we don’t forget how much these people have made us proud to be Americans. We all have our differences, but at the end of the day we stay stronger together. Over the years we have faced many storms of life that tried to tear down this nation of ours, but we stay resilient.

Never forget the story, because the people who played a role all brought a message to lean on.


Keeping it moving

When given a vision you try to understand how will it come together. That’s until you start to see the pieces unfold. The answers are not provided how we like them. Regardless, we wait believing that we can handle anything that is given to us. In spite of the obstacles, we keep moving forward remembering all that we have been through to get us to this moment.

To put it another way, after years of providing contracted services to employers, I realized that all the skills I gained were not in vain. There was a greater assignment that was waiting on me where all these skills were going to come in handy. I did not understand how it was going to come together, but I was ready for journey. In like manner, I was scared at first, because I was accustomed to knowing what was coming next, but this time it was different. After all, it had to be different this time, or else it would continue the same pattern. So to break out of this pattern I decided to listen instead. To attest to this I can say, as of today, I am working in two areas where He has opened doors for me. Not to mention there are some more collaborations that are in the works, but that is to be announced later.

Until now, I know that it will be alright if I keep my eyes to the sky and not on my problem. Once I start focusing on the problem, that is when I start worrying. The stress is not needed, because it will not do anything but delay my progress. So I’ll try to do what is best, and that is keeping it moving.

-LaShondra Glover