This weekend I went to help out my Mother-in-law as she was one whose house was affected by the recent flood. With all that had transpired, it brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina. Even though I was not directly affected, I was grateful to have a place for my family members to be housed. Coincidentally, that same house that provided shelter for Katrina flooded recently. With that, I was glad to see the outpour of love that came to my Mother-in-law who helped my family out before. God is so good because his grace is forever sufficient. He will come right on time.

One of my songs during this season has been “Overflow” by Bryan Andrew Wilson, which is simply asking our Lord God to rain down his love, grace and spirit. This song reminds you that we have a God who is so powerful that His love, grace, and spirit can overflow everywhere at the same time. How awesome is this! Anyone that has been affected by disaster or whatever the case maybe just know God knows. He has not forgotten about you. Just be still and know He is God. He may not come when we want Him to, but He is always on time.

During your quiet time, find your favorite song, and just sing to Him. Take these few words to start, and let Him speak to you, “Overflow, let your spirit overflow. Shower me with your love. Shower me with your grace. Shower me with your spirit. Fill this place. Fill this place.” Use any song that you choose that speaks to you. So I challenge you to find your song that gives you what you need to get through. Let it be your theme song during your season, and watch how He can use the song to minister to you.



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