Here we go again?

unityIt is so funny how life can repeat itself. I look at what is going on in the world today being a cycle of the civil rights movement. Our world is suffering and one of the reasons is the lack of unity. This did not just happen overnight. We can get so much accomplished if we just come together.

Being from New Orleans and seeing the New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl is when I witnessed unity prevail. People showing compassion to those affected by the devastation from mother nature that has taken place in this world brought about unity. These events showed people from various walks of life coming together to take a stand for the greater good and spark change. It is a process, like the old saying goes, “you have to crawl before you walk.”

Needless to say, with the media reporting of those dying from senseless acts is very disturbing. Let us stand for one another. Are you willing to commit to saying I am my brother’s keeper? Yes we can! We don’t need to turn on the news each day to find someone killed.

We are losing a generation, and I stand to end this war! With another election approaching we have to take a stand for our vote to count. We may not know what the future will hold, but one thing is for certain, life is a cycle to be learned and not repeated.


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