It’s working out for my good

Hope you are enjoying your week so far.  So glad I get to share with you. I am excited for the time to kick back and relax from a long day and a long week. With a lot of to-do’s especially work related I am thankful for the quiet time. I find it that when I am rested I can hear from God.  Don’t get me wrong it is not the only time but it helps. Let’s see about applying what I have heard.

Since I have had the time to slow down it has provided me the opportunity to revisit some of my post. I hope that you enjoy reading this one maybe for the first time or not God always has something to share with us.

From my heart to yours,



To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that might be glorified. Isaiah 61:3

blog pic 11.8.15

It was expected to have a lot of rain coming through the area. With this being the last month for hurricane season some have been fortunate. Whereas, for some their experience brought caution to others. Although we are not certain what may come our way, but one thing to remember is we are not alone.

With this time of year the change in seasons brings us to a shift in time, the grounds covered with leaves, and countdown to the end of the hurricane season. Moreover, this reminds us we are getting closer to the end of another year. So get ready to pull out your winter gear if you have not done so. For some of us it is the most wonderful time of the year.

The coolness in the air brings the whistling in the trees. It brings to view the variations of trees that surround us.  From the ground it sprouts to form unique shades of beauty. Strong and enduring to withstand the wind and rain is a picturesque work that has risen before us.

No matter what the circumstance the power of our Lord God is at work on His timing. Seasons come and go but just like the tree He is strong and mighty. The winds may blow and the waters may rise around us but He has not forgotten us. Just like the storms of life we never know what we may face, but be encouraged to know that if He brought us to it He’ll bring us through it. Going through our seasonal experiences we will go through periods of  high and low temperatures, storms, gusty winds and high waters but knowing the best is yet to come at the end. To God be the Glory.


Following the Holy Spirit

Hi ya’ll!

Here is something I felt in my heart to reshare. When the holy spirit gives you something to do, you listen especially when it is repeated. Thank you Lord God. He cares for all of us. Just remember to keep your head to the sky. Listen and you will know when you hear a gentle voice. A peaceful voice that will never lead you wrong. God gives us free will that we choose to follow. I know that I slip sometimes, so Lord please forgive me. Thank God we serve a forgiving God who loves us inspite of our faults. He loves you, and so do I.

Peace and love,



For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

Growing up I had so many dreams and plans of where and what I wanted to be in life .  I had made plans for the life I wanted to live, but honestly I felt that something was missing.  All the while I had sought what I was created to be, and I had not realized that I had been preparing for it all this time. God works in mysterious ways.  Needless to say, God had me in training for sometime so He can get me ready. It is through the places I have passed I have grown to understand that God knew what I was going to do before it came to be. It is the same that he knows what I will say before I do so. Through all of it whether good or not so good He still loves me. No matter how many times I fell He gave me the strength to get back up and try again.

The one thing constant was change. Sometimes it was uncomfortable, but I got through it by the grace of God. Other times, it was like taking a road trip. For me, road trips are the best because it allows you to capture every person, place and thing. Moments like these I remember like it happened yesterday by blinking a few times it automatically stores in my personal folder in my mind.  I have had the pleasure to meet some great people who have had an impact on my life whether big or small. Trust me I know this was no mistake because they were in those places for a reason. Especially in times I was desperately seeking God He gave me what I needed. There has been people from every walk of life given to pour into my life. Something that continues to resonate is that people come in your life for a reason, season and a lifetime.

I am so grateful to have a God who loves me throughout it all.  I trust and believe God with work everything out for the good.  It is His powerful and mighty spirit that provides me a comfort in His word, and the love He gives that is far more than this world can give. Moreover, it is just as the song says, “He has the whole world in His hands”. So I choose to embrace my journey because He knows what is best for me.

It’s Officially Summer!

Hey ya’ll!

This is one post I wanted to revisit. There is a lot going on during the summer time while kids are off school. With so many things to get into remember to take some time to watch and listen to what is going on around you. Our youth are dying everyday especially in my hometown of New Orleans. So before you do anything read below because everyone at some point has a war going on in their minds and neighborhoods.

War blog image

War blog image

For the past months I have had a war going on in this mind of mine. I have had a lot of scenes play in my mind of things that have me ponder, what is real versus what is not? I been faced with a lot of questions about my life and to tell you the truth I could not do anything, but call on someone greater than myself. There comes a point when all you can do is depend on God.

I refuse to give up and be sad all day long. Knowing that is not how God wants me to live. I remember reading a prayer in my devotional bible asking the Lord God for help, because I know I need some help outside of myself. For anyone who has been in this space I pray that you share your story with others, because we need each other to survive. Just think when on the battlefield there is not one soldier there are plenty who are at war.  As christians we too fight battles daily.  That battle can be spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, and many others. So do not think you are by yourself. We all have some type of war to face daily. Remember you are not on the battlefield alone. I pray for you and you pray for me. That’s how we will when the war.