Are you looking for something?


Searching for something can become a massive adventure. Most of the time I may need an extra pair of eyes to help me out. No I am not an old person, but I need Jesus to touch my eyes. Perhaps I can share what happened to me when I had something missing.

Recently, I was so excited because I said to myself I was going to treat myself to some coffee. I pulled up to the gas station to purchase a coffee and a bag of chips for lunch. “Next in line,” the cashier stated as I was looking through my wallet for my card. Well you can only guess what happened next. I did not find my card. Yes, I searched my wallet inside and outside but no card. Not sure if you have ever had a similar situation. This was so embarrasing. My husband has always told me to put my card inside my wallet. During this time I kept hearing his voice like he was going to magically appear. He has to constantly repeat this because I am that person who would put my card anywhere. It is just a bad habit that I am trying to break. On this occassion I was so upset with myself because I thought I was doing better trying to remember to put my card in my wallet. However, I learned that I need to slow down because when moving too fast forgetting things could be the norm.

Well it did not turn out bad like I imagined. The cashier offered me a free cup of coffee which I did not mind at all. I rather have the coffee over the chips anyway. When I think about what happened it was not about getting anything for free, but about placing my things where they belong so I can find them. Often God allows things to happen in our lives so that we can remember where our help comes from. Maybe I did not need the coffee and chips, but He showed me how through something like a cup of coffee He can do exceedingly, abundatly all that I ask, think, or imagine . He allowed the cashier to offer me the coffee to remind me He is working everywhere. I may have not found my card when I wanted it but, He allowed me to find it when I needed it. God may not come when I want Him to, but He is always on time.



Cloudy Days


You look outside and see dark clouds with limited light shining through. When there is a shift in the weather some of us tend to make a shift too. What I am talking about is the breeze and gloom that comes with a cloudy day. Seeing this makes some us feel tired, or wanting to go to sleep. We look to see or smell if it will rain. Now wait! I did say smell the rain. Yes, you can smell the rain. It may sound hillarious, but it is true.¬†Unknowingly, we all don’t know what will happen next, but we can only imagine. We may ask the question, is a storm approaching? In past events knowing that the cloudiness gives us warning to a shift in the weather. Either it will remain the same or something else will follow.¬†So next time you experience a “cloudy day” think about what is next? I don’t know about you but I rather have a warning then nothing at all!

Look on the bright side


Life has its ups and downs. It can leave you with tears and smiles. However, it is when you are experiencing a storm in your life that makes you think about everything. The heart of the matter tests what you believe. I have been there, and recently I had to do some self examination. One day I thought I was going to really lose it because of the pain I felt. I don’t know if you have ever been in a situation where you felt you were about to go over the edge. Well for me, I have had my breaking point. I had to seriously think about what was going on with me. The mind is a mysterious creature. It can do its own thing if you can not get it under control. It is so powerful that it can think thoughts of good and bad things that will have you thinking at times, “what is wrong with me?” On the other side of things, when you are reminded of how far you come, you fight through all the garbage that is trying to infiltrate your mind. I am glad when a rainbow appears because it reminds me of this too shall pass because God is near.