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As I sit reflecting in His presence. I am thankful for all that He has done. He wakes us up everyday by breathing new life in us. Its good when you experience a comfort and a love that is more soothing than a Mother’s touch. Now it has not always been like this, but He has awaken me to see things through His eyes. God is so good!

I know that He is working everything out for the good of those who love Him, that includes even old me. Up to this point, I would say it but not know what it meant. By being around church folk for years, I often heard you live long enough and you will experience some things. In my mind, I was curious to get to a level of spiritual maturity as the “Senior Soldiers” or ” Mothers of the Church” use to speak about. I remember growing up always being around older folk. Maybe because I was around my grandparents. It was interesting to hear them talk as they shared their life stories. Some of the stories were for you to hear and others were not because being of a young age. A lot is different from the times I grew up because I remember grandparents back then did not play. An example was when grown folks were talking, the young children were not around for grown conversations.  For me, my grandparents were old school especially my grandfathers. It was a level of respect given to them by those around them. I appreciated being around these beautiful spirits who were strong men of faith. It was more heartfelt as I remember my time with them before they departed from this earth. Lovingly, I can recall them saying to enjoy life and hear them share some of their life stories. I know that God blessed me with so much as it is now that I can cherish those times. With those memories in my heart, I remember to think on the good and not the bad. Indeed it has helped me to see how He has given me so many treasures in the midst of it all.

When you are in a place of loneliness and despair, remember that God is your help. He will give you a message and a song to remind you of His truth. For God is great! His truth says to look to the hills from which cometh your help, and your help comes from the lord. You can read about this in Psalm 121 KJV. It’s in those times when the enemy tries to get you to not believe when we have to speak aloud the word. One of verses is John 10:10 KJV, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but remember God came that you will have life. Remember that He loves you. God created you for a reason, and the devil does not like it. The enemy will do everything he can to knock you down. You may feel broken, but you are not defeated. God has His hand on you, and just know He will never leave you or forsake you.

In His care,



Hello World!

Beautiful CreationsOver the years, I have heard the message that everyone has a story to tell. I have received this message throughout my life from different forms of people and places I have traveled. Though I never really understood how my story could be so important but in the truth of it all there is always a message that is provided to inspire and give hope.

I have been inspired to create this blog to tell my story hoping to let someone know they are not alone. For awhile I have been searching my purpose. The purpose that this Powerful, Omnipotent, Precious Spirit created me. This person I am talking about is my Heavenly Father. For years I have been searching for more but in the wrong places. What I mean is I have been searching everywhere but Him. I came to realize that I was existing in a world and not truly understanding who I was created to be but I knew there was more. I knew I was created to do more. Deep in my heart I believed in Him but not truly believe Him for myself and all that He was capable of doing through and for me. However, it was today I made up in my mind that I was no longer going to keep to myself what He wanted me share. It was time to take a step of Faith! It was time to say enough is enough there is no holding back. I choose to let Him have His way. It feels liberating, amazing, and powerful to choose to let go and let God have his way. Now I have a deeper understanding of His truth obedience is better than sacrifice in 1 Samuel 15:22 NIV.

You too can be bold and take the first step by believing Him and how much He loves you. Don’t be afraid. What do you have to lose? Just remember God would never leave you or forsake you. He has something greater in you that is ready to be birthed out. He has been patiently waiting for you to stand for Him and put Him first in your life. God is calling for those who are ready for something more. It is something more that this world can’t give and that is His power to break those chains so that you and I can walk freely in Him.